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Advanced Screening Solutions, LLC (ADSS) is a one-stop employment screening company that specializes in laboratory drug testing, background checks, drug test program management, DOT consortium management, and offers DNA testing to its clients. We work closely with many organizations including public and private schools, private companies, corporations, the general public, government agencies, and many others throughout the country.  Our corporate office is located in Tupelo, MS. Our staff is dedicated to providing first-class customer service in a confidential and comforting environment.

Laboratory drug testing performed by ADSS is evaluated in a SAMHSA approved laboratory with GC/MS confirmations on all positives, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) services on positive samples as well. We have a network of over 5,000 collection sites throughout the continental United States and in Alaska. Laboratory screens for drugs of abuse generally return results within 24 hours on most testing when collected in our network.

Background checks performed by ADSS are thorough, accurate, and dependable public records searches of applicants and can be done in the United States, or on an international basis. Our company specializes in rapid returns of this information, because we understand how frustrating it is to have a good candidate you are ready to put to work but have to wait for days or weeks for information to come back. We eliminate the stress and waiting time. Background Checks include criminal history searches, database searches, court level searches, driving records, credit checks, worker’s comp claims searches (for post-hire purposes), civil records, and many other searches are available.

DNA testing is performed in a confidential manner, and collections can even be done inside the privacy of your own home. Our partner laboratory is accredited in forensic DNA and many other accreditations and can get you the accurate results you expect – over 99.99% Accuracy. Our collection process includes a simple mouth swab and can be done on newborns, adults, or the elderly without fear of injury or needle sticks. Results of ADSS DNA Testing are available in 3-5 business days after collection. In addition to DNA Testing for Paternity, ADSS offers other DNA testing services as well.

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