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WTVA News describes the Importance of Background Checks in Mississippi 

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) – Employers say it’s becoming more and more important to find the right person when hiring.

So, a simple background check can help weed out an undesirable candidate.

“The name of our game is protecting these organizations,” adds Eddie Pearson, CEO at Advanced Screening Solutions. “We want to make sure that any volunteer or any employee is well trusted by the organization no matter what the job description is.”

With a combination of a struggling economy and a high unemployment rate, experts say it is all the more reason why something like a background check is of the utmost importance, especially when dealing with children whether it be at schools, church camps or summer camps.

“We are finding that there is a much larger applicant pool for positions that are open out there which greatly increases the importance of a program like ours to help make certain a business or an organization finds the right person for that vacant position,” said Pearson.

Even in the case of bringing in volunteers, the Tupelo Public School District says it does everything it can to make sure that the person who walks through the doors, is who they say they are.

“We do monitor that on a yearly basis,” adds Matthew Dillon, assistant superintendent Tupelo Public School District. “We have background checks and run filters to make sure we are following our policy that has been dictated by our school board, and then from there, we allow our volunteers to come out if they meet those requirements.”

An applicant may try to hide something bad from the past, which means employers have to do detective work to find out if he or she is the right fit.

“It’s doing your due diligence as far as your background checks, as far as calling your references and things of that nature is very important,” adds Dillon. “We want to make sure we have the best of the best in our classrooms and in our district.

Those who apply are entitled to a copy of the background check so that they can verify the accuracy of the information.

The comprehensive background check that Advanced Screening Solutions runs involves a sex offender registry and violent offender registry.

ADSS also conduct on-site drug testing and paternity testing.  ADSS also provides student drug testing for a number of public and private schools.

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