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Advanced Screening Solutions (ADSS) helps businesses and companies of all sizes hire the right people for the job.

Advanced Screening Solutions, LLC (ADSS) is a one-stop service that provides pre employment background checks and drug testing of all types and configurations, to include DOT drug testing to ensure that you are hiring the right applicants for the job.  Our pricing is extremely competitive and our quality of customer service is absolutely beyond reproach.  Turnaround times  vary from just a few minutes to 24 hours.   Some physical county searches or drug testing with positive results may take a little longer, but our current clients are very happy with the timeliness of our results.

ADSS also provides DNA and Paternity Testing that are over 99.9% accurate with turnaround times from 3 - 5 days.

Contact us at (662) 205-4139 for more information of services and pricing.

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About DNA Testing

We do offer a number of DNA Tests as well as drug testing supplies which you can order by contacting us.


We truly believe we are only as strong as our staff.  Meet the Legal and Addiction Professionals leading our team.

Pre Employment Background Check

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*Background Checks 
*Drug Testing
*DNA Testing

​* DOT and Standard Urine, Hair, Saliva, and DNA Testing